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Monday, 7 May 2012

Make a movie with ur facebook timeline


frenzzz 2day am giving u a nice trick to convert ur facebook timeline into a movie All your memories and social activities which are present in your Facebook Timeline profile can be made into a Movie with this new Facebook App.

1st go Go here, Click on Make Your Movie. Once you click on Make Your Movie, the app will browse through all your information in the Timeline profile to create your Timeline movie but will popup to grant access before it access your information.
Now click on Log In with Facebook. u need to grant permission 2 dis app 2 Access posts in your News Feed n Access ur custom friend lists by clicking on Allow.

now wb..The app will access your basic information and memories to create your Timeline Movie.

In case you don’t have more than 50 image on your Facebook profile, it may show an error message and will not create the video. Once it create the movie, shortly it will start playing.


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