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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Customize Facebook Chat Box

As all of u know facebook chat box is limited in functions...Facebook chat provides no options 2 select emoticons or change d typefaceor font size. And u can even move d chat box around ur screen... it is 4ever stuck at d bottom of your browser....... Instead of remembering d hundreds of shortcodes 4 emoticons, it would b nice 2 hav an extension panel/button where you can simply select emoticons anytime u want to use one...also u can move the chat box where ever u want........also u can change d size..... .. 1.go n install this 
Once installed, u will see a small red icon in the address bar at d top right corner, with a notification indicating that ur installation hs bn complete.

Now open ur Facebook Wall. If it is already open, refresh the page and u will be able to see a second red icon at a separate place, at the bottom of d browser just next to d Facebooktranslation icon.

Click d icon to toggle d switch 2 ON. Once Pretty Facebook Chat is in active mode, u can start chatting with anyone, n u willsee that d chat box is no longer attached to the bottom of d browser. You can now drag it anywhere widin d browser


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