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Monday, 16 January 2012

5 Tips to become famous in Facebook

Facebook had become the leading social network now a days,Some sites like google+ etc tried to stop the monopoly of facebook but didn,t succeed.Here I will provide you with some important tips that makes you famous in FACEBOOK

Tip 1: Maintain Updating Your Status on Uniform Basis
There is a box at the top of    page saying "What's on your mind?"  You can write your thoughts in that box and can distribute with all your friends. This is one of the simplest things that you can do to improve your Facebook profile and to demonstrate your trait on Facebook. You can update the status as many times  as you require, but at slightest try to update it atleast once in two days. Having a catchy status communication is always accessible and catches a lot of attractor.

Tip 2: Bring into play the Facebook Lists

Facebook List allows you to filter the content by creating groups which actually are called Lists in Facebook. You can use these lists for organize your friends as school friends, relatives or family. Creating list might take some time, but once you get use to it, you can save plenty of time. Having list will save you from reading the same stuff on other websites such as, Twitter.
If you don't know "how can we create lists?", then below are the steps that will help you better:
*Visit your Facebook Home page
*Look at the bottom of sidebar and Click on the "more" link.
*Clicking on "more" link will get you option link, namely "Create New List". Using this link you can create your lists.

Tip 3:

Make  Your FB Profile Attractive by Adding Photos and VideosThis is something that definitely will grab attention of your friends. Just as your status message, your photo albums and videos must be submitted. You can create different albums for managing your photos and there are tools that allow you to browse pictures from other sites, like Twitter.

Tip 4: Use the Finest Facebook Applications Always
We all bed that Facebook gives a lot of options to the users and this includes applications also.Facebook offers about thousands of applications to the users. You can access all the applications by browsing them according to your interest and respective keywords. Once you have founded the right one you can check all its description and if it feels like using, then go ahead.

Tip 5: 

Feed Your Wall from Other SourcesIn the cyber world people likes to be updated from a variety of information. The same is the case with Facebook and it permits the users to import stories from other sources onto their wall. All you have to do is connect the source to your Facebook profile.
Here is how you can connect your profile with a source:
*Click on the "Options" button on your profile page.
*Now, click on the "Settings" button.
*Now, click on the "Import Stories" button and select the source that you want to connect with.
Just as this you can add as many sources as you want, but at the same time keep try not to make your wall a mess, as bulk of updates surely will annoy your friends.
So these are some of the essential tips that you can use for augmenting your Facebook profile. It not only will catch the attention of your friends, but also will get you many new friends and will enhance your Facebooking experience.

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